uber apo

The second round of Uber, with an awesome theme, Apocalyptic. I wish i had a bit more time to make more items, had a lot of idea`s i wanted to make, however i kept it with two items. a survival hut, available in light (red) and dark (blue), and damaged tiles, the tiles are available in three colors, dark, light and terracotta. you can place them seamless on the ground, and there is a grass part under it which you can change the texture of if you wish (:

Happy surviving! ♥


4 responses to “Uber

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  2. Hello there
    I just got the Gypsy Caravan at your Gacha store and I love love love it
    But for some reason I cannot step on it. I figured because it is phantom so I went to uncheck it but I couldn’t do that because is grayed out.
    THanks so much! <3

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  4. Pingback: Uber | DesigningSL·

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