The Arcade


The time has almost come again! The Arcade! I made these little robots, let me explain them (:

Every kind of them will have their own little “trick”, there are four different kinds.

The one thing that they all have in common is that they make random sounds on touch at the bellybuttons! The rest is all different:

– The Power Ranger ones, names after the first season power rangers, they talk when you enable the speak ability (by clicking on their head). It is very easy, you click and chat in local, the robot will talk back to you, disable this again by clicking once more, you don`t want them to get in the middle of every conversation ;)
One small tip, do not have two bots enabled at the same time, you will get very dizzy! Ha.

– The one with the light, speaks for itself, touch the little light for on/off.

– The one with the polaroid, Just drag your own picture where you see the text your picture here”. To be safe, go into edit mode click “select face” select the texture with the text, and drag your picture into the texture tab, speaks for itself again.

– The rares, this is based on the famous game “Simon”. Just touch the start button to start the game!

Hope you will enjoy your new friend ^^


They are all modify (so feel free to make them as large as you want), and transfer (of course)

The Power rangers are 2Li each, the one with the light is 2Li, the one with the polaroid is 1Li, and the rares are 6Li


I hope you all have a wonderful time at the Arcade,



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