Back from gone

First of all, i am so sorry for not updating enough, i did a little on Flickr, but my blog got a little bit too few attention from me. I have been away a little bit because my computer broke down, i have a new one now and i am ready  to work very hard to catch up again!

This post will be a little update of items i made. A new item is this flamingo, its wood its fake, but home made!

Then i also made the hanging stars in more colors, and put them for sale again. In the first place this was a spruce up your place item, but i got a lot of people asking me if they were for sale (which made me very happy by the way). So i put them out again in many colors! 40L mod and copy.

Also i made the group gift star lights in a fresh texture and multiple carnival fun colors!

I have been working with a new system now, reward program, gifting, gift cards. I hope you will like this (:

Thank you for all your support!

With love, Nalena.


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