New home .Ihlet

Ihlet, what means “inspiration”, is my newest creation. Two bedrooms and a large livingroom, it is a light house, but warm.

It has a lot of space, but not too much ;)


Okee so it has been a while since i posted, though i created a lot of new things,.. Like, the whole sim has changed! I really hope you like it (: but not only that, also i have new flags they are just 2 prims and sculpted! Wich looks way nicer then the alpha textures.

Okey, these are just two examples, i acctually have 6 different colors and might go and make even more.. Crazy flag lady.

Anyway, since i was very busy changing the sim and well rl also i could not totally keep my blog and xstreet up to date.

There is coming a bunch of new things still like new trees (again) because my “old” ones do not totally match the new sim, i made some new ones, they will all be for sale just give me a little bit to box and pic and setup!

Allright, I hope you come over to check the sim out, oh and do not hesitate to tell me what you think! :D

<3 Nale.


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